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How to pronounce Anime in English

Updated: Feb 16

How to pronounce Anime in English

Anime, originating from Japan, encompasses a diverse range of animated media, including both computer-generated and hand-drawn formats. The term "anime" itself is derived from the Japanese word for "animation," reflecting its broad scope within the realm of animated entertainment.

Globally, "anime" refers to animated content produced in Japan or characterized by the distinctive style commonly associated with Japanese animation. This style often draws inspiration from manga, the Japanese comic book format, with which it shares visual and storytelling elements.

In English-speaking countries, the pronunciation of "anime" is often anglicized as "Ah-nee-mey." However, the correct pronunciation follows the Japanese pronunciation, with the final syllable pronounced as "Ah-nee-meh." The emphasis on each syllable is equal, and the final "e" sound is more akin to a short "eh" sound rather than a long "ey" sound, with the "meh" pronounced distinctly. This pronunciation preserves the original Japanese phonetics and reflects the proper articulation of the term.

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